Brunette Bayalage

I've been a blonde most of my life. Although not completely natural, highlights have been an easy supplement to my "dirty" locks and I've never strayed far from sunlit hues. But as of late, I was tired of the upkeep. Winter always brings back darker roots and this year I decided to run with it - I was ready for a change! 

My wonderful hairdresser urged me to search online for inspiration, especially since there's such a large range between golden brown and espresso. I was really excited when I came across several bayalage styles, which appear to be the new ombre in town. I fell in love with the idea of dark tresses with caramel fades near the bottom and sent the photos below to my stylist. But - one of these photos is my finished product! Can you guess which one? (Okay, obviously I'm not Jessica Biel).


If you guessed second from the bottom, you nailed it! I love my new locks. They look healthier and I love the brightness it brings out in my complexion and eyes. I'm so happy with my decision. Have you ever been nervous to change your hair cut or color? Tell me about it!