Going Au Naturel

It's so important to feel great in your own skin, whether that means having confidence and love for yourself as a person or having skin that, literally, feels great. This post is dedicated to the latter.

I found Lenka and Natura Culina via an Instagram friendship and after receiving several of her skin products, I'm certain this friendship is going to last. Every soap, wash and scrub is made with honest and transparent ingredients (as in you don't need to hire a translator to read the label). And before getting to know these products, I had never put as much consideration into what I was putting on my body as I was to what I was putting in it - but it's clear now how intricately these two are connected.

There are several products I love but I want to highlight my two favorites here. First is the Rose Facial Duo, which I took to Sweden with me in the dead of winter. The facial mist saved my skin on the dry and grueling plane rides and the face oil kept my skin soft even when I had spent the day sightseeing through icy winds. I carried the two in my purse all over the country and I can't say enough about them. 

And now that I'm back home in the warmth of Santa Barbara, I've also become mildly obsessed with the Facial Detox Exfoliating Mask. The green clay works wonders on my skin and it requires so much resistance to not just rub my hands over my face again and again to feel how soft it is. I had never committed to an exfoliator before, but I'm already ready to order more.

Those may be just two of my favorites, but there are so many wonderful products I encourage you to indulge in. They smell good, they feel good, and they make you look good. And if anyone is going to host a spa day with them - don't forget to send my invite! :)