At Home Hair

When you move to a new city there are a few things you have to get used to - new habits, new transportation, new stores, etc. But all of that was exciting to me. The part I was (and have been) dreading the most was finding a new hair stylist. Finding the right stylist or salon always takes some trial and error and since I've been in desperate need of a dye since arriving, I decided to do an in-between color refresh while I continued my search.

Typically I do a refresh with a regular box from the store, but I've been seeing eSalon all over Pinterest and decided to check it out. Five minutes later and I had placed my first order.

eSalon allows you to select a custom hair color with the help of a professional stylist by taking their online assessment and sending in photos for review. I explained my situation and a stylist named Vanessa suggested a medium brown that would balance out my dullness. 

The entire kit is delivered to your door and contains everything you need to do your hair at home, including a little sticker for hanging up your instructions in the bathroom (yes, I'm a sucker for the little things). Just mix and follow the steps - simple as any other at home kit. 


Below is my Before & After. You can tell that before I had more obvious bayalage on the outsides, but I'm loving the deep brunette that eSalon developed for me. My hair will typically fade where it was once blonde pretty quickly, so I may see some of that bayalage back soon enough. 

Overall, I'm excited about discovering eSalon and look forward to maintaining my color in between my salon visits. The kit and color was much more professional than anything you can buy at the drugstore and their support staff is awesome. Now I can take my time searching for a stylist here in Seattle!