Coastal Camping

Road trips are my favorite getaways. Before we moved to Seattle, we took a last one through California - along Highway 1 and up to Big Sur, of course. We simply had to savor one last view of the central coastline before we made our way to the PNW. 

I've been to Big Sur several times - it's a favorite weekend trip to take visiting friends and relatives. I think it's one of the few remaining places in California where you don't get cell reception and I couldn't think of a more perfect place to be disconnected. There is so much beauty to behold and nature to enjoy. Below is my short list of must-see stops, but I wouldn't hold it against anyone to spend their entire visit in a lawn chair atop of bluffs.

1. Every Vista Point (no seriously, take your time and hop out at each one).
2. Kirk Creek Campground
3. Specifically, Site 7 if you're lucky or Site 8 if you're almost as lucky
4. Nepenthe Restaurant
5. McWay Falls and Lookout
6. The pink sands of Pfeiffer Beach